Wholesale Program

Are you a beauty professional or looking to start your own hair business? Do you struggle to know where to start? Is it costing you more than you predicted to find the perfect supplier for all of your products? then we are here to help.

Experience our premium wholesale service. We supply a step to step guide that teaches you exactly how to start, manage and market your hair business. We sell our vendors list that includes all the vendors we currently use and vendors that we have used the we would recommend. If you would like us to be your wholesaler and get one to one mentoring please email us.

We provide wholesale price for all of our hair products most products have different vendors as most factories specialist in specific products and we aim to sell the best of everything we supply. To access wholesale please fill in the form below. We have designed exclusively for professionals.

At wholesale prices, we empower beauty professionals to start their own business without having huge start up costs while not compromising on quality. Explore a world of possibilities, where another entrepreneur helps build another. Elevate your salon, captivate your clients, and set new standards in beauty. Lets start making money and not just spending it!

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