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My name is Shenelle Johnson and I am the CEO of Ohh Girl Beauty, I built my company on my own from the ground up at 21. At that point in my life, I was in doubt about where my life was headed. I was always feeling down as I was in a dead end job not making enough money, living in poverty and attracting men who were too.I took some time to focus on myself and my mental health. I started selling wigs on instagram and did makeup appointments from home, I started travelling more and started making friends with people who represent my future and not my past. Sooner than later I started making more money, stopped struggling and stopped attracting struggling men too. I started to invest in myself and my appearance.I started to take surveys from  customers from my makeup appointments and asked them what they liked, what they enjoyed, what they disliked, and what could be better about the hair and lashes options that are available.I came to the conclusion that every woman likes to look good and feel good and most would pay a little extra for exactly what they’re looking for, something time efficient, great quality and convenient.I am passionate about looking good and feeling good (as cliche as that sounds) and in order to do that all I needed is great hair and lashes. I didn’t want cheap hair that I had to replace every three months that I couldn’t colour and took 3 weeks to arrive. I wanted lashes, I didn’t want lashes that got in the way of my skincare routine, fall out while I’m exercising and that I had to spend £80 on every time I wanted to switch things up. So, I created a brand that provides fantastic quality hair that delivers fast with express orders that you can get within 3 days or bundles the next day for UK orders and 5 days for worldwide. Lashes that look like semi permanent lashes that you can use up to 30 times with proper care and that you didn’t have to sit through a 3 hour appointment for.I’ve always been passionate about my hair as when my hair looks good I feel good. I wanted to create a community behind my beauty brand for who look lifestyle require them to look beautiful effortlessly and suits their lifestyle. Our products are packaged in paper boxes that are recycle-able and economically friendly.


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